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Five ways to keep your baby entertained while changing diapers!

Catagory: General Pediatrics  Author: Dr Vamsi Krishna

The stage of having their diapers changed is one that most of our children despise. Slowing down and connecting with the baby before changing his diaper can sometimes make things go smoothly.

  1. Take it slow and connect with him If you take it leisurely and enjoy changing diapers with your child, the youngster may be more cooperative throughout the procedure. As you connect with the youngster, please take a deep breath and collaborate with him. You’re not forcing him about this way, and you’re also allowing him to learn about his body.
  2. Allow him to approve the diaper change Every time the diaper has to be changed, you should be more conscious and seek permission by laughing and asking the kid if he is ready for a diaper change.
  3. Make him laugh tickle him, chase him around the house, and make him giggle while changing his diapers. This is a fantastic way to get him ready for a diaper change.
  4. Don’t stop him from playing Playing is your child’s job. Take a toy and hand it over to him. While you change his diapers, let him enjoy his game. It will be simpler for you to dress him up again if you distract him and let him continue playing with his toy.
  5. Ask for his help – While you’re cleaning him, Ask for his help. Before you move forward, explain the procedure to him to understand what will happen next.