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How to raise a child with ADHA ?

Catagory: ADHD  Author: Dr Vamsi Krishna
How to raise a child with ADHA

It seems sensible that as a parent, you could have spent a lot of time worrying about the future of your kid. much more so if they have been diagnosed with ADSD or Autism Spectrum Disorder. Many physicians may have been contacted by you in an effort to improve your child’s health. You may take care of little details that have a big impact in addition to the treatment and medical attention your child is receiving. If you have a kid with autism spectrum disorder, you may find this parenting advice useful


Have a positive perspective 


Children with autism spectrum disorder often respond well to a happy environment, just like normal kids do. It indicates that showing them your appreciation for their positive behaviour would make them feel wonderful. Make sure they understand what you admire about their behaviour by being explicit. Reward them by giving them more time to play or by giving them additional candy. As a  parent, you value their ability to be who they are—whether they are on the spectrum or not! So, the secret is to accept people for who they are! 


Follow strict routine 


Routines provide comfort to those with autism spectrum disorders. You must make sure they have ongoing supervision and interaction so they can put what they learned in treatment into practice. 

Through this behaviour, they will find it simpler to acquire new behavioural patterns that they may later use in a variety of contexts. Talk briefly with their therapists and instructors and attempt to agree on a consistent set of interactional tactics and strategies so that you are aware of what they are learning. 


Place activities on a calendar 


Your youngster will feel more connected to you if the activities are pure enjoyment rather than instructional treatment. 


Permit time 


The greatest person to determine which therapy, treatment, and strategies are best for your kid is you, the parent. Therefore, if they are not responding well to a specific approach, have a good attitude and be patient. 


Daily activities 


You can believe that a youngster shouldn’t be exposed to a set if their behaviour is erratic.  However, by including them in routine activities like supermarket or post office excursions, they may get more used to their surroundings. 


Build support 


Make your family and friends aware of your child’s condition. Support from family, professional assistance, or friends may be a tremendous benefit, whether in person or online. It’s possible that you’ll need to provide a hand while your kid meets new people. It would be good if you could stay in contact with other parents who are dealing with similar circumstances. Sessions with a family counselor may also be beneficial. Ask for assistance and consider appropriate methods to make your life a bit simpler.


Inquire about intermission care 


You must take a little break for yourself in order to maintain your health. Your youngster would get temporary care from caregivers. If your kid has strict needs as a result of ASD, you’ll need it. This would offer you an opportunity to take care of your health and have fun so that you can return home well-rested and prepared to assist.